Work History:

I studied for 3 years at local college's to be a chef and had a small career spanning 13 years working in various hotels and restaurants.  After this I felt the need for change so I had another small career in the cosmetic industry working in manufacturing make up, similar to cooking however no tasting allowed!

Turning 40, I made a decision to start studying to become a Personal Trainer.  This took 2 years to complete up to Level 3 which then equipped me with the knowledge I needed along with hands on fitness experience (I first stepped into a gym back in 1987!), to go out and share my knowledge and life coach people into not only becoming healthy but thinking healthy too.


Please find below a list of my qualifications and achievements from my years as a Chef, gaining a knowledge and passion for nutrition, through until today...

I continually strive towards professional development and atively study and accquire more knolwedge day to day:

700/1 city and guilds chef
706/1 city and guilds chef
706/2 city and guilds chef
Health and Hygiene
Health and Safety
Diploma in exercise performance
NVQ level 2 gym instructor city and guilds
NVQ level 2 anatomy and physiology city and guilds
NVQ circuit training city and guilds
NVQ torso and core stability city and guilds
NVQ client physiology and motivation city and guilds
NVQ nutrition and weight management city and guilds
NVQ nutrition for sport and exercise city and guilds
NVQ level 3 advanced personal trainer city and guilds
NVQ advanced anatomy and physiology city and guilds
(my studying is on going)

Freelance Trainer

I travel to you.....


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