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Sport is good for you! The rewards for doing any kind of regular exercise in your free time are immediate! you feel better, you’re more motivated to make the most of your life and far less susceptible to stress and worry.

Strengthen your cardiovascular system, build up muscle tone, and just enjoy the benefits of the most worthwhile anti-aging method there is.

Active people get more out of life. More power, more know-how, more fun! The following pages contain all the information you about the services I provide.


Hi! I'm tony! My aim is to educate people on how to live a more healthier way of life through diet and exercise.

I am a Freelance personal trainer, which means I bring the gym to you're home at a time that suits you. So saying that, it eliminates any confidence issues or worries you may have of going to a gym. Not really knowing what equipment to use or even if your using it correctly for maximum results.

For those people who already use a gym, I can also help correct those bad habits that you might not know you have or time wasting routines that you have been doing for an age, that don't seem to be giving you the results.

I will teach you correct lifting and breathing techniques, which will in turn strengthen your core and abdominal muscles and improve tone.

Yes you can be healthy and lose weight without exercise, although increasing you're daily activities along with regular exercise will tighten and tone you quicker and you will look better, feel healthier and become fitter in doing so.

No magic potions, pills or powders needed, just good simple nutrition.  I am focused on providing high quality customer service and will do everything I can to meet you're expectations. I am you're skeleton key to success!!

What makes me stand out from the rest?

Having been a competitive bodybuilder, I am the best kind of trainer to have regarding diet and exercise to get you in top shape, with you're help and as a team - We Can Do It!

Every workout session you have will be completely different, giving you maximum results and to work the entire body. Workouts you prefer can be repeated of course!!  As often as you like... if you so desire.  I will not make you do anything that I have not tried and tested myself.


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